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Located in Lebanon, Ohio, Melena Landscaping offers a wide variety of landscaping services including mulching, pruning, edging, mowing, trimming, spring cleanups, summer pruning, fall cleanups, and landscape installations.


Melena Landscaping - Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

  • Bed cleanout to remove old leaves and weeds
  • Trim ornamental shrubs and trees (up to 10ft) to ensure continued growth
  • Trim perennials and remove dead leaves to make room for new foliage
  • Hand-edge beds to create well defined lines
  • Apply a pre-emergent for weed control in beds
  • Apply a mulch of your choice to renew the look of your beds

Melena Landscaping - Summer Pruning

Summer Pruning

  • Trim or prune shrubs as needed to remove dead wood and disease
  • Trim perennials and remove dead leaves to make room for new foliage
  • Weed all beds to keep your landscape clean and vibrant
  • Apply mulch for a fresh look

Melena Landscaping - Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

  • Trim or prune shrubs as needed to promote plant health
  • Cut back perennials and ornamental grasses to maintain shape and promote re-growth
  • Weed beds to prepare for winter
  • Apply mulch as needed
  • Remove leaves, considering the possibility of two separate cleanups if needed

Melena Landscaping - Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation

  • Design a custom plan to fit your unique needs and budget
  • Create a fresh look simply by removing shrubs and replacing them with something new or start from scratch and completely transform the beauty of your landscape
  • Suggest plants and alternatives based on your tastes and climate
  • Schematic provided to provide visual context as we create your new landscape

Melena Landscaping - Mowing


  • Weekly mowing during the spring and fall months
  • Bi-weekly mowing during the warm summer months
  • Weekly mowing all season for heavily irrigated and fertilized yards
  • Blow grass clippings out of beds, sidewalks, streets, driveways and patios to ensure a clean cut every time

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